Dancing with Grief: A Year Ago my Mother Went To The Hospital & Never Came Home

Mom. Doing what she loved.
Mommy, my older sister and me with the chicken bone.
This is a video of my mother singing a solo for Mother Geneva Conway at Gospel Jubilee at Proctors in Schenectady. Her dream was the stage and she laid it aside for us and in 2017 she tore it down.

My shield is gone.

Easter Sunday with my Mom (in the blue), older sister Sanoma (the bonnet pink barrettes), my cousin Tashana (she has the ill side-eye) and I’m the one with bang and bow.

Regina Dix-Parsons was my first home. I lost my first home. She is gone. My siblings lost their first home. This is what is meant to feel safe. We were protected. Gina always had “Gina’s kids” and now it is gone.

Me and my Mother at the Scholarship fundraiser in her mother name (my grandmother) that me and my cousins Gordon and Jostina put on.
My Mom, older sister Sanoma and me with the bonnet
One of my graduations. I look a mess but the look on my mother’s face is the face she gave me for the simplest things. And I was always on guard when it came to my mother. That my little sister and cousin in the picture.
Regina Dix-Parsons singing at Higher Ground Church in Schenectady, NY

When she left, she was alone.

My Parents.
This is one of the last pictures my Mother took.



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